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Strolling Historical Vejer.

Another interesting stroll destination, we discovered in March, is through the old town to Cobijada statue. The Cobijada statue shows the traditional female attire of Vejer, still common up to the 1930s when it was banned by Franco. Typically, the long, back outfit covered everything but one eye! The origins of the style are contentious.

The Cobijada Statue

A stroll to here can take you past La Bodeguita (delicious lunches of open toasted sandwiches) the main church (Iglesia Divino Salvador), the Convent Museum and Vejer’s most famous view – the alley under the Convent de Nuestra Señora de la Concepcion arches.

Arch of the Nuns

A short detour from the Convent takes you to the castle (free entry to the courtyard and walls). Back and under the arches and follow the lane down to the gateway (this has no name and is not to be mistaken for the nearby Arco de la Puerta Cerrada – the closed gate) then through the gateway you will find the Cobijada and if you are lucky you may not have to share with a coach tour group!

Looking through the city wall arch (un-named) to La Cobijada

Looking across the valley you can actually see Casa Colina Blanca amongst the white houses on the hillside if you look carefully for the tall chimney and arched window. You can also see a fairly direct route down and then up back to Casa Colina Blanca from here.

Casa Colina Blanca area before the tall chimney and new arch window were fitted.

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