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Pig, Pines and Panoramas

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Our next visit in October 2016 included more Spanish classes at La Janda. As part of the School’s cultural offering we enjoyed a walk to nearby Santuario Virgen de Oliva - downhill all the way from Vejer but of course coming back was a different matter!

Santuario Virgen de Oliva

Another very Spanish cultural event was the weekend pork festival when everyone seems to get excited about eating products from recently slaughtered pig but especially paprika flavoured dripping on toast!

La Breña Forest umbrella pines near Barbate

Walking featured heavily on this trip. We strolled along the cliff tops from Barbate, through the La Breña umbrella pines and joined our local friends in the Barbate walking group On their route over the hills of Abejaruco and around Santa Lucía. This seemingly gentle country walk got more adventurous when we had to deal with a 6 foot deep ditch that crossed our path - a challenge overcome with much pushing, shoving and general hilarity!

The coast of light!

We also walked along the beach beyond Trafalgar and were rewarded with spectacular waves and the special light that gives the Costa de la Luz its name. Sunset at Los Caños was also an early evening stroll with memorable views.

Sunset, Trafalgar lighthouse in the distance
Sunset from Caños

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