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Our First Visitor

We had always hoped that, once we got established, friends would come out and stay with us. Later in March 2016 our great friend Gilly became our first visitor.

During her stay we did our first Bodega/sherry tour at Lustauin Jerez. This was fascinating with a lot of insights gained into the processes and different types of sherry in the region – most of which you get to sample! The barrel stores themselves are quite cathedral-like and literally steeped in history.

Gilly’s visit coincided with the Easter period which is a very special time in Vejer. There seemed to be almost daily processions from the main church, with penitents carrying the enormous religious statues. The whole town seems to turn out either participating or to watch.

One of several Semana Santa processions - participants in white robes
One of several Semana Santa processions

Vejer also has its own bull run at this time of year. The main pedestrian street, between Plazuela and San Miguel is caged with metal gates at all exits. The brave and foolish take to Calle Juan Relinque and a bull is let loose and “encouraged” up and down the route. The bull we saw looked a little docile but that’s easy to say from a safe distance behind the barriers!

Vejer’s bull run - crowds watching and running scared.
Vejer’s bull run

One Sunday, after lunch in Barbate, we had stopped in a café, to watch the locals enjoying their weekend promenade along the seafront, and spotted a nearby table with an interesting looking drink. Our Spanish and gesturing proved sufficient and before long we were all enjoying our first, delicious Puerto de Indias strawberry gin.

Beach and cliffs north of Conil
Beach and cliffs north of Conil

Our final discovery of this trip was a pleasant walk along the cliffs north of Conil. This proved to be a varied and interesting walk with cliff-top views north towards the Faro de Cabo Roche and some opportunities to drop down to small, sheltered beaches. We later discovered that it is possible to walk under the cliffs at low tide but this would need to be carefully planned with local tide information to hand.

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