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The Neighbourhood

As you can see from the map below Casa Colina Blanca is centrally located so you can walk to anywhere in town in around 10 minutes (just be prepared for some steep, cobbled streets!).


Straight out of the courtyard and down the hill brings you to the semi-pedestrianised Calle Juan Relinque. This is the main pedestrian route into the old town for the castle, Plaza de España and restaurants. 


Fresh baked bread, groceries and a couple of medium-sized supermarkets are a few steps in the opposite direction. Turn left out of the courtyard, left at the end of Calle Santiago, up steps and across the "plaza" of Calle Torero Juan Conde and head down Calle Barbate.

Alternatively, leave the house turning right onto Calle Santiago. Up the hill and down through the car park (not marked on the map) you will find an exit (also not marked on the map!) onto Calle Iglesia San Miguel. Turn right for the shops, right again at the mini-roundabout will take you along to Supersol.

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