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What's in a name?

Following our first visit there was a lot to think about. Before I post about refurbishments I thought it would be interesting to share how we renamed the property we now owned.

The property had been marketed as “Casa Pepe”, Pepe being the name of the family’s son who was managing the Summer letting prior to the sale. Somehow retaining this name didn’t seem appropriate. Our enquiries suggested changing the name on a property was one of the few things what didn’t require any cumbersome process!

My first thought was to name the house after the Poniente – the warm and hospitable wind that blows across Vejer. It is renowned for turning the windmill sails easily and making everyone’s life easier. However, a quick web search indicated there was a similarly named restaurant nearby and accommodation not far away. I was clear that the property name needed to be as close to unique as possible so as to be easily searchable and distinctive.

The short-list developed to include:

  • Alba – sunrise or dawn

  • Soleado – sunny

  • Colina/cerro – hill

  • Esperanza – hope, promise, anticipation

  • Alborada – dawn

  • La Janda Vista – view of La Janda

Our home in Kendal was called Hill House so Casa Colina was a favourite but as with many options already in use locally. Jill and I both still found this appealing so settled on Casa Colina Blanca – white hill house. I quite liked the openness to interpretation as I could translate to “white house on the hill” or to “house on the white hill”. Of course, both were good descriptors so that was decision. What do you think of the choice?

We’d seen some letter tiles in a local shop so these were duly bought and mounted into a plaque close to the front door. Next, back to the serious business of refurbishment and improvement.

Casa Colina Blanca plaque design ready for fixing.
Casa Colina Blanca plaque design

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